The Page Library in the UDI Wizard Designer contains a list of the wizard pages that you can add to stages. Each wizard page in the Page Library maintains a count of the number of instances in which the wizard page is used in the current version of the UDI Wizard configuration file.

You can add a wizard page to the Page Library so that it can be added to stages.

To add a wizard page to the Page Library using the UDI Wizard Designer

1.   In the UDI Wizard Designer console, on the Ribbon, on the Home tab, in the Page Library group, click Add Page.

The Add New Page dialog box appears.

2.   Complete the Add New Page dialog box by performing the following steps:

a.   In Select the page that you want to add, click page_type (where page_type is the page type that you want to add to the stage).

b.   In Page Name, type unique_name (where unique_name is a unique name for the wizard page).

Tip   An error message appears directly above Display Name if the Page Name is not unique.

c.   Click OK.

The wizard page appears in the list of wizard pages in the Page Library.

Tip   Remember to save the UDI Wizard configuration file after making any changes.

You can also add a wizard page by right-clicking anywhere in the stage in the details pane, and then clicking Add Page.

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