The UDI Wizard displays a sequence of wizard pages that are used to collect the necessary information to complete the operating system and application deployment. You can configure the wizard pages and the sequence of wizard pages displayed in the UDI Wizard using the UDI Wizard Designer.

The list of available wizard pages is displayed in the Page Library pane. You can add pages from the Page Library pane by dragging the wizard page from the Page Library pane to the stage in the details pane.

To add a wizard page to a UDI stage using the UDI Wizard Designer

1.   In the UDI Wizard Designer console, in the details pane, expand stage (where stage is the stage you want to customize).

2.   In the Page Library pane, click wizard_page, and then drag wizard_page to the details pane (where wizard_page is the wizard page you want to add).

The wizard page appears in the details pane in location where you dragged it in the stage.

Tip   Remember to save the UDI Wizard configuration file after making any changes.

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