Base Config – CPU

The Base Config - CPU page is used to configure the minimum characteristics of each host machine, all hosts in the infrastructure are identical. On this page, you define the CPU for the host machines. If you do not find a value that matches your desired configuration, select the CPU Manufacturer and Model that is closest to the expected value and enter values for the remaining fields using the ranges provided.



Select the manufacturer of the processor for the target host machine.


Select the processor model for the target host machine. 

Note: If the host being modeled has a CPU that belongs to both a Sequence and a Series available in the CPU Selection, use the appropriate Series selection. Otherwise, if a Series selection doesn’t exist for that CPU, use the appropriate Sequence selection.

Number of physical processors

Select the number of processors for the target host machine.

Processor Speed (GHz)

Define the speed for the selected processors.

Cores Per Processor

Define the number of cores per processor.

Hyper Threads per core

Define the number of hyper threads for the processor on the target host machine.

L2 Cache Size (KB)

Select the size of the L2 cache for the target machine.

L3 Cache Size (KB)

Select the size of the L3 cache for the target host machine.

Bus Speed (MHz)

Select the Bus Speed for the target host machine.


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