Import Computers from File

You can use the Import Computers from File page to select one or more files that contain a list of computer host names, NetBIOS names, or fully qualified domain names (FQDNs). Click Create to specify import files, credentials, and collector technologies.

In the Specify computers and credentials dialog box, you can add one or more files to be imported. Next, either select Use specified credential and then provide the name and password for the account to be used for the computers imported by the set of files, or select the Use All Computers Credentials list option. If you want to import additional files, you can run the wizard again.

Important: When you click Add on the Import Computers from File page, the Inventory and Assessment Wizard parses the imported file and indicates the total number of records imported. If this number is different from the number of records in the file, some computer names might be in an invalid format or the total number of records exceeds the maximum number allowed. If the number is zero, the file format is incorrect or there are not any validly formatted records in the file.

You can create as many sets of computer files to import as you want, but there is a limit to the number of records (120,000) that the Inventory and Assessment Wizard can hold in memory during the inventory process. If you need to import more than 120,000 records, you will need to run the wizard repeatedly.

Accepted File Format

The imported file must be a text file without a header row. Each record should be on a new line with no delimiting text. There should be only one column per line. You can use Microsoft® Office Excel® to format the text and then save it as Text (MS-DOS) (*.txt). The text file, when opened in a text editor, should appear in the following format:






Accepted Record Format

The following examples show acceptable computer names for each record in the file:

·         Host name: ComputerName

·         NetBIOS Name: ComputerName

·         FQDN:

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