Enter Computers Manually

You can use the Enter Computers Manually page to associate one set of credentials to use for a single computer or a group of computers. You can specify an account that can be used with one or more collector technologies for the computers you enter.

The Inventory and Assessment Wizard will use any account that you list here for given computers. By specifying accounts that you know can access a given list of computers, you can simplify and shorten the inventory process.

You can also use the All Computers Credentials for the given list of computers, instead of using one specified account. Choose this option if the accounts that you want to use for the given list of computers are already in the All Computers Credentials list and are listed high on the sequence list.

Note: The Inventory and Assessment Wizard only uses one account for a computer when the account is either entered manually or imported in a file. Whichever credential is defined first is the credential that the wizard uses for the computer or set of computers.

Accepted Computer Name Format

The Enter Computers Manually option can accept computer names that correspond to the following examples:

·         Host name: ComputerName

·         NetBIOS Name: ComputerName

·         FQDN: ComputerName.companyname.com

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