For Configuration Manager 2007 to receive the latest version of the Microsoft Update catalog, you must specify a synchronization host. The synchronization host must be a Configuration Manager client computer, and the user account you are using to run Setup must have Read permissions to at least one collection containing that Advanced Client. The synchronization host does not require Internet access. If the synchronization host has Internet access, select The synchronization host will automatically download the catalog from the Web. If the synchronization host does not have Internet access, select I will download the catalog and the synchronization host will copy it from a folder. You can download the Microsoft Update Catalog from the Microsoft Update Web site (

In the File Download box, confirm that the file is named Click Save, and save the file to any location accessible to the Setup program. For example, you could save it on the local hard drive of the site server or in a shared folder that Setup can connect to by using your logged on user account.