You must specify a base name for the objects Configuration Manager will create. The suggested name is Microsoft Updates Tool. If you choose a different base name, it must be different from any existing Configuration Manager objects and from any Configuration Manager objects you will create later in the Setup process. The name is limited to 33 characters. The base name will be used in the names of the packages, programs, collections, and advertisements created during Setup. For more information about the objects created, see the Overview of the Objects Created to Run the Inventory Tool section earlier in this document.

If you select Copy inventory tool package to all distribution points, Setup automatically configures the package to be copied to all distribution points in the site where Setup is running and to all child sites. If you want to limit the distribution points that contain the inventory tool package, do not select this option but remember to manually configure the distribution points for the package after Setup is complete. You must create at least one distribution point per site for the package, or the advertisement will not run on any clients.

If you select Advertise inventory tool to the default collection, which includes the test computer, Setup creates an advertisement as described in Overview of the Objects Created to Run the Inventory Tool section earlier in this document. Otherwise, Setup does not create an advertisement and does not give you the option to designate a test computer.

If you choose to have Setup create the advertisement, you can specify the name of a client computer to use as a test computer. The computer must have the client components already installed, and it must belong to a collection that you can read with the account you are logged on with while running Setup. Setup adds the test computer to the Microsoft Updates Tool (pre-production) collection. For more information about managing the collections created by Setup, see the Managing Collections section later in this guide.