In addition to the Configuration Manager objects created to distribute the Configuration Manager 2007 Inventory Tool for Microsoft Updates, Setup creates the following objects to manage the synchronization process:

During Setup, you have the option to designate Configuration Manager client computer as the synchronization host. The synchronization host does not require a connection to the Internet because it can retrieve a copy of the catalog from a folder located on your network. The synchronization host requires either that a user be logged on when the synchronization is scheduled to occur or that you complete additional configuration to allow the synchronization host to run unattended. For more information, see Configuring the Synchronization Host to Run in Unattended Mode later in this document.

Setup automatically adds the specified synchronization host to the Microsoft Updates Tool Sync collection. If you do not specify the name of a synchronization host computer during Setup, add an Advanced Client to the Microsoft Updates Tool Sync collection after Setup is complete. The catalog cannot be updated until you have a synchronization host, and without an updated catalog, clients cannot be inventoried to receive any new security updates.