Clients must have the correct version of the Windows Update Agent, and to detect and deploy MSP updates such as Office Updates, clients must have installed the latest version of Windows Installer. The default installation of the Configuration Manager 2007 Inventory Tool for Microsoft Updates installs the correct version of the Windows Update Agent as a (run once) dependent program of the inventory tool.

When the inventory tool is run, status message 11411 is returned for client computers that do not have the proper components installed. You might see this status message in the scenario where you have deployed the updates through Configuration Manager software distribution but the installation has not completed. Because of this, it is recommended that you deploy the requirements well in advance. Clients in this scenario will continue to fail their inventory scan and return status message 11411 until the requirements are installed.

Clients that do not have the latest Windows Installer will not return the status 11411 or produce an error but might fail to detect and install MSP-based updates, such as those found with Microsoft Office Updates.

For clients that fail to run the inventory tool successfully with an error, run the report Advertisement status message messages for a particular client and advertisement against the inventory tool advertisement (by default, called Microsoft Updates Tool) and look for Message ID 11411 (Unable to meet requirements). From there, you can drill down into Message Details, which displays the component missing in the description after the text: Scan component failed (type=Microsoft Update): One or more of the requirements specified for Package or Binary WUS could not be met.

If you have a number of clients that return the status 11411, you might find it easier to upgrade the client with the latest version than to individually track down and install the required components.