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Publishing updates from SCUP to WSUS

Selected entries in the HP Server Updates Catalog must be published to WSUS and be synchronized with SCCM to scan ProLiant Servers against the latest ProLiant firmware, software, and ProLiant Support Packs. The following steps apply to all three folders: ProLiant Firmware, ProLiant Software, and ProLiant Support Pack:

NOTE: The HP Server Updates Catalog contains hundreds of updates from HP and may take over eight hours to download and publish if every update is selected to publish to WSUS server. The administrator must review and publish only the updates that are relevant to their environment from the System Center Updates Publisher.

To publish updates:

  1. Within each folder, select the updates to be published. Highlight the updates, and then right-click Set Publish Flag. The flags must be green. You can select multiple updates to publish from this screen.

    System Center Updates Publisher

  2. From the SCUP action panel, select Publish Update(s), and then click Next. If prompted, select Always Accept the Hewlett Packard Certificate.

    Publish Wizard - Summary

  3. Wait until the updates have been downloaded and published to the WSUS Server. Click Close.

    Publish Wizard - Confirmation

  4. Close the SCUP console.

To synchronize the published software data with the SCCM server:

  1. Open the Configuration Manager Console.
  2. Go to Computer Management>Software Updates>Update Repository.
  3. Right-click Update Repository node, and select Run Synchronization.
  4. Check the WSUS_SYNC_MANAGER status at System Status>Site Status>(Site Name)>Component Status, and confirm the synchronization completion.
  5. Go to Site Management><site name>>Site Settings>Component Configuration.
  6. Right-click Software Update Point Component, and select Properties.
  7. Select the Classifications tab and select the Updates check box. Click Apply.

    Software Update Point Component Properties

  8. Select the Products tab. Ensure the following checkboxes are selected:

    Click Apply, and then click OK.

    Software Update Point Component Properties

  9. Expand Site Database>Computer Management>Software Updates, and then right-click Update Repository, and select Run Synchronization. Select Yes to Run Update Synchronization.

    Run Synchronization

  10. Wait for the synchronization to complete. Refresh the console. The newly published updates appear.

    HP Proliant Servers

  11. You can check the status of the synchronization by performing the following:
    1. Select System Status>Site Status><site name>>Component Status.
    2. Open the folder, and then highlight SMS_WSUS_SYNC_MANAGER.
    3. Right-click Show Messages, and select All.

    The synchronization might take a few minutes. When completed, you can view the new entries within the Updates Repository:

    Computer Management>Software Updates>Update Repository>Updates>Hewlett Packard ProLiant Servers.

    Configuration Manager Console