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Updating SCCM reports for HP servers

SCCM contains a Reports feature that enables administrators to generate reports according to their needs. The feature uses SQL statements to query information stored in the SCCM database. Due to the complexity of the SQL statements, reports should only be modified by an administrator familiar with SQL query statements.

An administrator can use the Manufacturer0 field in the v_GS_COMPUTER_SYSTEM view to help identify HP computers in their environment.

To create a report that displays a list of all HP servers:

  1. Open the Configuration Manager Console.
  2. Expand Site Database>Computer Management>Reporting.
  3. Right-click Reports, and then select New>Report.
  4. Enter a name for the report, for example, All HP Servers.
  5. Select an existing report category to enter a new one, for example, SMS Site - Client Information.
  6. Click Edit SQL Statement…
  7. Select the existing text in the SQL statement window, and then delete it.
  8. Enter the following SQL query in the SQL statement window.

    select Name0, Domain0, ResourceID, Model0 from v_GS_COMPUTER_SYSTEM where ((Manufacturer0 like '%HP%' or Manufacturer0 like '%Compaq%' or Manufacturer0 like '%Hewlett-Packard%') and (Model0 like '%ProLiant%'))

    Click OK.

    Report SQL Statement

  9. Click Next, Next.
  10. For the Link Type, select Link to Computer Details.
  11. Click Next and then Finish.

Your report now appears in the list of reports. To locate your report, type All HP in the Look for box at the top of the Reports page, and click Find Now. Your new report must be visible in the list.

To run the report, right-click on the report, and then select Run. Your HP computers is listed in the report. To open the computer details report for that server, click the shortcut button in the first column.