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All that is required to manage and deploy HP ProLiant SmartStart components and ProLiant Support Packs is a standard Microsoft® System Center Configuration Manager 2007, Windows Server® Update Services (WSUS) and System Center Updates Publisher (SCUP) installation. SCCM, WSUS, and SCUP must be installed and verified before managing HP updates. Refer to the Microsoft documentation for detailed SCCM, WSUS, and SCUP setup information.

HP Server Updates Catalog should be used for monitoring and deploying software and firmware upgrades, as well as fresh and upgrade installations of the ProLiant Support Pack. Fresh installations for individual software and firmware are not supported due to the complexity of inter-component dependency. Deployment of PSP is recommended for newly-configured ProLiant servers to ensure all relevant software is installed.

The following configurations are the minimum required versions to support the HP Server Updates Catalog. Updated versions of these components are also supported.

For more information, see the HP Server Integrations with Microsoft® System Center Products Support Matrix.

NOTE: This guide assumes the administrator has properly setup the connection between the local Windows Server® Update Service Server and the Internet including any proxy server configuration to enable downloads from the HP FTP site to the System Center Updates Publisher Tool.