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Configuring HP ProLiant PRO Management Pack

  1. Import HP ProLiant PRO Management Pack on Operations Manager.

    While normal operations take place on Virtual Machine Manager 2008, the HP PRO ProLiant Management Pack must be imported through the Operations Manager console. Import the management pack as described in the installation section. After importing the management pack, the HP ProLiant PRO Management Pack deploys on each managed Hyper-V host and Operations Manager server.

  2. Configure PRO on Virtual Machine Manager.

    The PRO feature is not activated by default. At the VMM console, locate a Host Group or a cluster to enable the PRO monitoring feature.

  3. Discover and monitor HP ProLiant servers with Hyper-V host.

    After configuring PRO on Virtual Machine Manager, you must be able to see the discovered result and health state of each Hyper-V host on the Operations Manager console. To confirm discovery and monitors are working properly, see HP PRO Managed Host Class and View.