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Product architecture

The VMM PRO feature works within four different types of servers with the following roles:

The Architecture Diagram illustrates the following data process steps:

  1. A monitor detects an event from HP Insight Management Agents.
  2. The monitor generates a HP PRO alert.
  3. VMM connector transfers the HP PRO alert to VMM and appears as a PRO Tip.
  4. The monitor executes a diagnostic or recovery module, and then posts each as an NT Event entry.
  5. The diagnostic or recovery event rule detects the NT event and runs a diagnostic or recovery script on the Operations Manager server. The script communicates with the VMM server.
    1. The Diagnostic script always runs to verify the current condition and update the PRO Tip message with its status.
    2. The Recovery script runs when automation is selected or the user selects Implement to perform an interactive migration.
  6. The script requests the VMM server to perform the VM Migration. It selects a target host based on the VMM host rating and cluster availability.
    1. The script reports the migration progress to the VMM server as PRO Tip status.
    2. The script generates NT Event messages to report the progress and status.