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Installation overview

HP ProLiant PRO Management Pack is a management pack for System Center Operations Manager 2007. After the kit installation, locate the management pack and import it through the Operation Manager console.

The VMM PRO feature requires extra configuration on both Operations Manager and VMM. See the Virtual Machine Manager 2008 Help Guide, which is available with Virtual Machine Manager 2008 for more information. The following online documents are useful for configuring VMM PRO environments:

The following are the main steps for the installation:

  1. Insert the HP Insight Control for Microsoft System Center CD, and then run the autorun.exe program.
  2. Navigate within the autorun.exe program, and then launch the HP PRO MP installer.
  3. Locate HP PRO MP file at the installed folder, and then manually import HP PRO MP within the Operations Manager console.

The user guide, troubleshooting assistant document, and release notes are available on the installed environment.