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Dependency on PSP components

NOTE: HP recommends configuring the ProLiant server fully with the PSP using the HP Software Update Manager. The HP Software Update Manager identifies and installs the necessary Smart Components in installation order. This information is based on the current PSP. Future releases might change the HP Software Update Manager's dependency.

This section provides information about customizing PSP installation and working with the HP ProLiant PRO Management Pack.

The following table describes the minimum set of HP Smart Components that enables the HP ProLiant PRO Management Pack. Each Smart Component depends on HP device drivers. Ensure that all required device drivers are installed properly. The Relation to HP ProLiant PRO Management Pack column describes functionality provided by the HP ProLiant PRO Management Pack.

Smart Component Name


Relation to HP ProLiant PRO Management Pack

  • HP Insight Management Agents
  • HP Version Control Agents
  • HP Smart Array SAS/SATA Event Notification Service
  • HP ProLiant Rack Infrastructure Interface Service (for p-Class blades)

HP Insight Management Agents are based on industry standard technology that enables the management of servers in enterprise, SMB, and cloud computing environments. SNMP is an industry-standard communication protocol for managing and monitoring network devices. Its purpose is to provide a small, common, and simple set of commands that enable network devices to be managed. The SNMP agent supports the ProLiant 300 series and above.

Mandatory to work with the SNMP Management Pack. The set of Agents is required to discover and manage ProLiant servers for the HP ProLiant PRO Management Pack.