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Dismiss operation

You can ignore the PRO Tip by dismissing the PRO Tip. To ignore the PRO Tip and close the PRO Tip, select Dismiss at the bottom of the PRO Tip dialog.

NOTE: The Dismiss operation closes the PRO Tip. However, it does not update the original alert state on the Operations Manager server. To reactivate the monitor to detect future similar hardware events, go to the Operations Manager console, and reset the monitor which reported the hardware event.

To reset the monitor:

  1. Open the Operation Manager console. HP PRO monitors and each monitor state can be found by using the Health Explorer from HP PRO Managed Host.
  2. Right click a Managed Host instance at the Managed Hosts state view, and then select Health Explorer. Health Explorer displays the folder view for HP PRO monitors so you can find the outstanding monitor by its color.

    Health Explorer

  3. Reset the monitor by right clicking the health monitor and selecting Reset Health.

    Health Explorer