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HP0.mif inventory tables

The following table contains the contents of the inventory tables in the file HP0.mif.

Inventory table



HP Processors




Processor Index

Position of particular processor (1-4)


CPU Type

Type of CPU


CPU Speed

Speed of CPU


L2 Cache

Level 2 cache capacity


L3 Cache

Level 3 cache capacity


Core Index

Index of the CPU core



Number of cores in the CPU

HP System




System Name

Name of system


Serial Number

Serial number of system


Total System Memory

Total system memory



Revision level of the ROM installed on the system board


Product ID

Part number of HP system


Asset tag

User-selected string; defaults to Serial Number

HP Memory




Board Module Processor

Location of particular module: listed first by memory board number, module number, and then processor number

Processor number is available only for applicable systems



Module size in MB



Module type (for example, DIMM, DIMM DDR2, FBDIM DDR3)



Module memory speed (for example, 80 ns)

HP PCI Devices




Bus Device

Bus and device of PCI device: listed first by bus number and then device number



Name of PCI device (for example, HP NC382i Integrated Dual Port PCI)


Slot Type

Type of PCI Slot (for example, Embedded or PCI-Express or PCI-X)