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Scheduled Configuration Manager Advertisement

You can schedule a repeating advertisement from the Configuration Manager Console to collect inventory information simultaneously from multiple client servers. To use scheduled Configuration Manager advertisements:

  1. Create and select a distribution point for the HP ProLiant Hardware Inventory Tool package:
    1. Select Software Distribution>Packages>HP ProLiant Hardware Inventory Tool>Distribution Points.
    2. Right-click the Distribution Points, and select New Distribution Points.
    3. To select from available distribution point, follow the New Distribution Points Wizard.
    4. Close the wizard after completion.
  2. Create an advertisement to distribute HP ProLiant Hardware Inventory Tool to the target servers:
    1. Select Software Distribution>Advertisements.
    2. Right-click the Advertisements, and select New>Advertisement.
    3. On the General dialog, enter the advertisement name. (For example, "HP ProLiant Hardware Inventory Tool")
    4. Select HP ProLiant Hardware Inventory Tool package. The Program field displays HP ProLiant Hardware Inventory Tool.
    5. Select target collection from the available list. If you need to advertise to all HP ProLiant servers from the site server, HP ProLiant Servers collection is available.
    6. Click Next.
    7. To schedule regular executions of HP ProLiant Hardware Inventory Tool on the Schedule dialog, create a mandatory assignment.
    8. Click Next, and then continue through the rest of the wizard.
    9. To complete the wizard, click Close.
    10. Schedule and perform a Hardware Inventory cycle from the site server.
  3. Review the information provided by HP ProLiant Hardware Inventory Tool in the Resource Explorer window:
    1. Locate the targeted collection specified in the above advertisement setting.
    2. Select a server in the middle pane.
    3. Right-click the selected server and select Start>Resource Explorer.
    4. In the Resource Explorer, expand Hardware node. The hardware inventory data displays.
    5. All data named with "HP" is generated and collected using the Inventory Tool.
    6. After browsing through the Resource Explorer, close the Resource Explorer.