In this topic, you will install Operations Manager 2007 Reporting, configure report server security, and confirm the health of Operations Manager Reports.


  1. Install Operations Manager 2007 Reporting and Data Warehouse

Install Operations Manager 2007 Reporting and Data Warehouse

Procedure W08-DWR.3: To install Operations Manager 2007 Reporting

  1. Log on to OMSQL01 with the OMAdmin account.

  2. On your System Center Operations Manager 2007 installation media, run SetupOM.exe to open the System Center Operations Manager 2007 Setup wizard. Select Install Operations Manager 2007 Reporting.

  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to perform the installation. Ensure the following:

    • On the Custom Setup page, ensure that all the components are set to This component, and all dependant components, will be installed on the local disk drive.
    • On the Connect to the Root Management Server page, enter OMMGR01.
    • On the SQL Server Database Instance page, select OMSQL01.
    • On the Data Warehouse Write Account page, enter the OMDataWrite accountcredentials.
    • On the Data Reader Account page, enter the OMDataRead account credentials.
  4. Complete the installation by applying Operations Manager Service Pack 1.

Procedure W08-DWR.4: To configure report server security

  1. Open SQL Server Management Studio on OMSQL01.

  2. Connect Object Explorer to the reporting server (OMSQL01).

  3. Add the FABRIKAM\OMAdmin account to the server's permission group and assign the account with System Administrator privilege.

  4. Restart OMSQL01.

Procedure W08-DWR.5: To confirm the health of Operations Manager Reports

  1. Log on as Fabrikam\OMAdmin and start the Operations Console.

  2. Select the Reporting View, select Microsoft ODR Report Library, and then double-click any of the reports there. By default you should see the Management Group, Management Packs, and Most Common Alerts reports. This causes the selected report to be generated and to be displayed in a new window.