In this section, you deploy and configure your external DNS server, DNS01.

In the reference architecture, you will deploy a single external DNS server with a single Network Interface.

If you plan to deploy an external DNS server in a production environment you should be familiar with the best practices for External DNS Server Hardening.


  1. Prepare the External DNS Server
  2. Add DNS Services to the DNS Server

Prepare the External DNS Server

Perform a default installation of Windows Server 2003 R2 on DNS01. This requires that you install Windows Server 2003 with SP2, and then install Windows Server 2003 R2.

Procedure W03-DWCM.14: To install Windows Server 2003 R2 on DNS01

  1. Perform a default installation of Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition (32-bit, with Service Pack 2 integrated), by using the CD boot method. Install the Support Tools from the Windows Server 2003 CD. Use appropriate naming conventions for your environment.

  2. After Setup for Windows Server 2003 with SP2 is complete, log on to the computer as an administrator. Insert Disc 2 into your CD-ROM drive. Setup for Disc 2 should start automatically. If it does not start automatically, browse to Disk 2 (or the shared folder that contains the Setup files) and, in the \Cmpnents\R2 folder, run Setup2.exe. Follow the instructions to upgrade to R2.

Prepare this server by enabling Remote Desktop, installing Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 with SP1, installing the Windows Server 2003 Support Tools, and installing the latest updates from Microsoft.

Procedure W03-DWCM.15: To prepare DNS01

  1. Enable Remote Desktop by using Control Panel.

  2. Install the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 with SP1.

  3. Install Support Tools from the Support Tools directory on the Windows Server 2003 CD.

  4. Apply any released updates to Windows Server 2003 by using Windows Update.

Add DNS Services to the DNS Server

Add DNS services on DNS01 by using the Networking Services option of the Add/Remove Windows Components utility.

You may be prompted to use the Windows Setup disk to complete the installation of DNS services.

For more information about installing DNS, refer to KB Article 814591: How To Install and Configure DNS Server in Windows Server 2003.

In Build Service Provisioning, you will deploy provisioning components that will let you to automate the creation of DNS records on this external DNS server.