The Web Service serves as a wrapper for the public methods of various namespaces shipped with Microsoft Provisioning System (MPS). The Web Service provides the means for .NET developers to quickly and easily begin developing custom provisioning applications for MPS, by enabling them to take advantage of numerous preconfigured method calls that perform various provisioning actions. See Microsoft Provisioning System SDK for more information about creating custom provisioning applications.

In addition, the Web Service also provides numerous preconfigured sample XML requests that you can submit "as is" into MPS to perform specific provisioning tasks. The Web Service also contains numerous methods that you can utilize. If you want to utilize such a method, you can copy and paste it into an XML request file that you create and then submit the request by using a suitable method.

All requests that you invoke from the Web Service make use of the MPS .NET Client Wrapper.

Sources of public methods exposed in the Web Service

  • Managed Active Directory Namespace
  • Managed IIS Namespace
  • Managed Hosting Namespace
  • IIS Resource Manager Namespace
  • SQL Hosting Namespace
  • MPS General
  • Windows-based Hosting Namespace
  • Managed Data Hosting Namespace
  • Managed Web Hosting Namespace
  • Managed Windows SharePoint Namespace
  • Hosted Live Communications Namespace
  • Managed Live Communications Namespace
  • Live Communications Resource Manager Namespace
  • Hosted Exchange Namespace
  • Exchange Resource Manager Namespace
  • Exchange Resource Manager Ex Namespace
  • Exchange OAB Resource Manager Namespace
  • Exchange Mobility Namespace

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