Use the Verify command to validate the successful installation, expected configuration, or proper functionality of a deployed Microsoft Provisioning System (MPS) component. This command is accessible on the contextual menu that appears when right-clicking an MPS component in the Requirements Status pane. You can also use the Verify all in this group command to validate all components that exist under a particular node in the Requirements Status pane. In general, the actions implemented by the Verify command occur after you start the deployment process. The exception to this is using the command to verify the Active Directory mode or MPFServiceAcct, which will produce immediate results.

In addition, circumstances can arise where you need to verify the status of one or more installed components. For example, you might need to verify the configuration and functioning of a component installed in an earlier MPS deployment. To do this, use the Force State command on the contextual menu to display the Force State dialog box. You can then select the Unverified option and click the Start Deployment button. This action coerces the component into the unverified state. You can then select and run the Verify (or Verify all in this group) command against the deployed component(s) in the same manner, to update the status of the component(s) in your MpsConfig.xml file.