Welcome to Monitoring and Reporting for the Microsoft Solution for Hosted Messaging and Collaboration version 4.5. This section provides information about how to use System Center Operations Manager 2007 to fulfill the service monitoring and service availability reporting of the Hosted Messaging and Collaboration version 4.5 components. Consider adding Operations Manager and SQL Server Reporting Services to your infrastructure to take advantage of the data collection, storage, and pre-built reporting components. The monitoring and reporting platform also provides metrics to help hosting service providers understand the business and service behavior and manage the service more effectively by providing multi-tenant reports.

Management Packs

Management Packs are the building blocks which extend Operations Manager 2007 management capabilities to operating systems, applications, and other technology components. A management pack contains best practice knowledge to discover, monitor, troubleshoot report on, and resolve problems for a specific technology component. Management Packs include health models based on the Systems Definition Model (SDM) to analyze the performance, availability, configuration and security inputs, as well as the status of related components, to determine the overall status of components. Management Packs are available for Microsoft and third-party operating systems, applications, and devices.

Microsoft provides Management Packs for more than 60 Microsoft products and Windows components. The Management Packs are developed by the same teams that develop the products. So, the expertise and knowledge included comes from the most knowledgeable source. All of the Microsoft Management Packs are included for licensed users of Operations Manager 2007. For a complete list of Microsoft Management Packs, you can visit the Management Pack Catalog on the Operations Manager Web site.

We recommend that the service providers modify these product Management Packs for both operational purpose and availability information in Hosted and Messaging Collaboration version 4.5.

In addition to these Management Packs, Hosted Messaging and Collaboration version 4.5 provides a Management Pack that has been customized to monitor Microsoft Provisioning System (MPS) events, alerts, performance, and other hosted services.