People-related issues make up the major cost of IT operations. A major challenge faced by IT operations is how to implement best practices to ensure that the organization obtains the maximum return on investment (ROI) from its staff and gets the job done, while at the same time providing job satisfaction and career development pathways.

A high degree of staff turnover in IT operations could represent a loss of skills and training to the organization in key business areas. How does an organization address issues relating to teamwork, motivation, performance, and rewards without also considering training, job satisfaction, responsibility, and accountability?

The politics and culture of an organization may often affect the levels of discipline, creativity, exercising of authority, decision making, and professionalism of its IT staff. How can an organization ensure that its IT operations team understands and then focuses on the right issues? How can the concept of a service culture be instilled into the core behavior of an operations team?

Components of Successful Role Interactions discusses the underlying practices that instill a sense of workplace values and establish benchmark guidelines for how the IT operations team should function.