This section describes the deployment of the Microsoft Exchange 2007 SP1 servers.

Task Summary

  1. Prepare the Hosted E-mail Servers
  2. Prepare Active Directory for Exchange 2007 SP1
  3. Deploy Exchange 2007 SP1 Server Roles
  4. Deploy Provisioning for Hosted Exchange Services
  5. Configure Provisioning for Web-based Offline Address Book (OAB) Servers
  6. Configure Exchange 2007 SP1 Resource Management
  7. Install the Hosted E-mail Offline Address Book (OAB) Update Batch Application
  8. Deploy the RPC over HTTP Client Configuration Web Site
  9. Install and Configure the OOF Agent
  10. Configure Exchange 2007 SP1 Monitoring and Data Collection
There would be a series of update rollups for Exchange 2007 SP1. To obtain the rollups dedicated for Hosted Exchange, contact Microsoft Customer Support Service.