The Archiving and CDR Server provides the following capabilities:

  • Archiving of all instant messaging (IM)
  • Archiving of call detail records (CDR)

Hosted Office Communications Server 2007 supports archiving of CDR. Deployment of the IM archiving are out of scope for Hosted Office Communications Server 2007.

Call detail records (CDRs) provide a way to collect both IM and meeting data and to generate reports on usage characteristics, which can be used to determine network bandwidth load, employee usage patterns, and return on investment (ROI). CDRs capture data about user activities such as participating in IM conversations and starting and joining conferences. CDRs do not capture the content of an IM conversation or meeting; they only monitor usage details.

The Archiving and CDR server captures usage information related to file transfers, audio/video (A/V) conversations, application sharing, remote assistance, meetings, and conferencing servers in CDRs. It receives the call data from the archiving and CDR agent and stores the information in an SQL database.

The Archiving and CDR Server consists of three components:

  • Destination queue, which is managed by Microsoft Message Queuing
  • Archiving and CDR Service component
  • Archiving back-end database

The Archiving and CDR Service component reads messages from the archiving and CDR agent in the destination queue and writes the messages to the Archiving Back-End database.