When planning a Microsoft Provisioning System (MPS) deployment in your current environment, there are several options to consider. The option you choose depends on the unique requirements of your current provisioning system environment.

The following table presents a quick way to learn about MPS deployment scenarios if you already know which deployment goal is key to your MPS deployment.

Table: MPS Deployment Goals

Deployment goal Reference

Install a new provisioning system

New Installation Deployment Scenario

Completely replace an existing provisioning system

Replacement Deployment Scenario

Integrate MPS with your provisioning system to make use of its capabilities without affecting your existing configuration

MPS Integration Deployment Scenario

Migrate specific components of your system to MPS

Migration Scenario

Add specific MPS provider functionality to enhance your existing provisioning system

System Enhancement Scenario

Other planning issues may impact how you choose your deployment goal and scenario. See Deployment Planning Issues to review planning issues associated with each of the scenarios listed in the table above.