Prior to deploying agents and importing management packs, confirm the health state of the management group.


  1. Confirm the Health of the Management Group

Confirm the Health of the Management Group

Procedure W08-DWM.19: To confirm the health of the management server

  1. Open the Operations Console on OMMGR01.

  2. Monitor the health state of the root management server (OMMGR01). Ensure its health state is listed as Healthy.

Procedure W08-DWM.20: To confirm Operations Manager database permissions

  1. Log on to OMSQL01 as Fabrikam\Administrator and open the SQL Server Management Studio.

  2. Verify the following information:

    • The Management Server Action account (OMAction) and the SDK and Config service (OMSDK) domain accounts are present in the Users folder of the OperationsManager database.
    • The OMAction account is a member of the db_datareader, db_datawriter, and dbmodule_users database roles.
    • The OMSDK account is a member of the configsvc_users, db_datareader, db_datawriter, db_ddladmin, and sdk_users database roles.

Procedure W08-DWM.21: To configure Web Console Security

  1. Open Internet Information Servers (IIS) Manager on OMMGR01.

  2. Expand Sites and locate the Operations Manager 2007 WebConsole site. Configure authentication settings as follows:

    • Anonymous Authentication: Disabled
    • ASP.NET Impersonation: Enabled
    • Basic Authentication: Enabled
    • Forms Authentication: Disabled
    • Windows Authentication: Disabled

Procedure W08-DWM.22: To confirm the health of the Web Console

  1. Open System Center Operations Manager 2007 on OMMGR01, and then select Web Console.

  2. When prompted for credentials, enter the username and password for FABRIKAM\OMAdmin. Confirm that the Web Console starts successfully.