The Getting Started tab of the MPS Deployment Tool contains a task summary that is intended to guide you in the use of the tool. The Getting Started tab also includes some notes in the lower part of the interface that briefly introduce some tool functionality. The task summary briefly describes how to begin a new deployment, reconfigure an existing deployment, or troubleshoot an existing deployment.

To enable you to accomplish these tasks, the MPS Deployment Tool provides facilities that enable you to do the following:

  • Set up the configuration of your deployment environment prior to launching the deployment process. Includes verifying components in an existing environment deployed with the tool, specifying server assignments, and configuring the components and procedures you want to install and run in your deployment.
  • Monitor and record all activities that occur during each tool session, in addition to monitoring other actions performed by the tool, such as tool loading and deployment tasks.
  • Launch the tool to perform the deployment of components that you configured.
You can also use the MPS Deployment Tool to automate an immediate password change for all MPS user accounts. See MPS Account Password Protection for more information.