In the migration scenario, you have an existing provisioning system and you want to migrate specific components of the system to Microsoft Provisioning System (MPS). You can do this by creating new MPS providers. In this scenario, these conditions apply:

  • You have an existing MPS 1.0 system or later that is working well for you.
  • You have existing provisioning applications on heterogeneous platforms, such as UNIX, LINUX, or NetWare, that you want to integrate into MPS to make use of its functionality.

To migrate your existing provisioning applications, you will need to create new providers that contain functionality for making the unique API calls for each system that provides access to your provisioning task applications. To submit requests that call the new providers, you can make use of the MPS Client Wrapper, which provides an interface to MPS for .NET-based applications. You can write the provider in C# .NET and derive your methods from the MPF Provider .NET Base Class, which exposes the basis of a .NET-based provider. This enables you to build a provider in the .NET Framework by inheriting from the base class. You can also write a provider in C++ or Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 and inherit from a predefined COM interface.

The following figure shows an example of how you can integrate new providers into MPS.

For reference information about building providers, see the Microsoft Provisioning System SDK.