This section describes the role of the MPS Deployment Tool in deploying Microsoft Provisioning System (MPS) in your hosting environment.

To install and configure your MPS provisioning environment, you will use the MPS Deployment Tool to automate both the configuration and deployment process. After the MPS Deployment Tool installs MPS components on the appropriate servers, it then uses the Provisioning Engine and the Deployment Automation Namespace to run various procedures and to configure the provisioning environment. The MPS Deployment Tool allows you to:

  • Schedule the components you want to deploy
  • Specify the target servers where you want to deploy them
  • Queue required configuration and initialization procedures
  • Start the deployment process

The tool then automates the process of installing and configuring all your provisioning components. The tool automates a long series of deployment procedures that required manual steps in previous versions of Microsoft hosting solutions.

For the procedure to install the MPS Deployment Tool, see Deploy MPS or Deploy MPS.

The MPS Deployment Tool only installs and configures MPS provisioning components such as the Provisioning Engine, providers, namespaces, Resource Manager, ASP.NET Web Service, and the Customer Plans and other databases. The tool does not install and configure services such as Hosted Exchange, Hosted Mobile Messaging, Customer Directory Integration (CDI), or Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services.