Microsoft Provisioning System (MPS) provides several methods for connecting to the Provisioning Engine through the MPF COM Client.

Connection methods

  • The MPS .NET Client Wrapper - For example, to initiate requests from a custom .NET application.
  • The ProvTest.exe command-line tool - For example, to perform testing by running this tool locally.
  • The IProvEngine methods exposed through Microsoft Visual Basic or Microsoft Visual C++ - For example, to initiate requests from a custom application.

Your customers will typically connect to MPS through a custom application that uses the MPS .NET Client Wrapper. Developers can connect to MPS using the ProvTest.exe, or through a program written in C#, Visual Basic .NET or C++.

The ProvTest.exe method is a way to test and debug an XML request to the Provisioning Engine, and serves as a means of calling MPS from the command line.

For additional information on access methods, refer to the MPS documentation sources listed in the following table.

Table: Help Sources for Client Connectivity to MPS

Connectivity Method information source Help file topic


MPS Operations Guide

Managing Microsoft Provisioning Framework from the command line


MPS Help

File IProvEngine or IProvEngine::SubmitRequest

You can locate the MPS Help file (MPF.chm) in the following path on Provisioning Engine server MPS01: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Provisioning\Help\.