The following figure describes the deployment architecture. In this deployment walkthrough you will deploy each of the servers shown below into a lab environment.

Figure: Deployment architecture

Deployment Network Architecture

The solution architecture calls for a three-tiered, four-zone network architecture, in which each zone consists of servers in a single subnet or a virtual local area network (VLAN) spanned across multiple subnets. However, because lab networks vary widely, as do production networks, the deployment walkthrough will only loosely represent this model. There are no requirements in this walkthrough for routers or other network hardware or for separate subnets. Instead, the suggestion is to assign each server an IP address in a Class A network (Subnet Mask in which the third octet reflects the zone. For example, a server in zone 3 may have an IP address of whereas a server in zone 2 will have an IP address of The following table describes a sample Deployment Walkthrough IP addressing scheme.

Table: Deployment Walkthrough IP Addressing Scheme

Zone Subnet mask IP range









In this model each server is deployed with a single Public Network Interface card, except for the clustered servers which still require a Private Interface for heartbeat traffic.