The Requirements Status tree provides the capability to set the operational mode of Active Directory to one of the following:

  • Native Mode - Set Active Directory to work in Native Mode when you want to enable Managed Active Directory Namespace procedures to nest groups in Active Directory.
  • List Object Mode - Set Active Directory to work in List Object Mode in hosting environments where it is necessary to hide the names of certain objects in a domain. This mode will have a significant impact on how permissions are applied in Active Directory.

To set Active Directory to one of these modes, go to the Requirements Status tree, expand the Core Platform node and the InitializeActiveDirectory node, and then right-click on the mode you want to implement. You can then select the appropriate contextual menu option as follows:

  • ListObject Mode - Select the Install option.
  • Native Mode - Select the User Input option.

A confirmation dialog box appears indicating that the change you are making is immediate. After you configure the Active Directory mode, you can undo the configuration by right-clicking the set mode and selecting Uninstall. In addition, if you want to verify the state of Active Directory, right-click the set mode and select Verify. A message appears on the Install Details tab indicating success or failure of the verification along with the current mode that Active Directory is using.

While most component installations are scheduled for the next MPS deployment, this is not true for every component. For example, changes to Active Directory and changes to the MPFServiceAcct are immediate. When this is the case, a confirmation dialog box appears to remind you that the change is immediate and you are provided the opportunity to cancel.