Prior to deploying Microsoft Provisioning System (MPS) in your environment, you need to have completed the following:

  • Planning tasks for each of your hosted services.
  • Deployment of applicable hosted services in your environment, including Active Directory directory service.

Active Directory services planning

See Centralized Management to resolve hosted Active Directory services planning issues such as:

  • The network configuration you will need.
  • Domain controller hardware, software, and operating system requirements.
  • Domain names and addressing schemes.
  • Public key infrastructure considerations.
  • How to secure the hosting platform.
  • Storage, migration, replication, and other design considerations.

For more information about networking, see Centralized Management Base Environment.

Windows SharePoint Services Hosting planning issues

See Windows SharePoint Services Hosting to resolve any planning issues for this service, such as:

  • Defining the Windows SharePoint Services servers configuration.
  • Server hardware, software, and operating system requirements for hosted Windows SharePoint Services.
  • Front-end Web server software configuration.
  • Back-end Microsoft SQL Server database configuration for hosted Windows SharePoint Services.
  • Hosted Windows SharePoint Services client software requirements.
You will also need to verify completion of planning tasks for Active Directory, per Centralized Management. Active Directory installation and configuration must be in place prior to deploying Windows SharePoint Services.

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Domain Name System (DNS) planning issues

See Domain Name System to resolve the following DNS planning issues:

  • Assessing your current environment.
  • Designing a DNS namespace. See Microsoft Provisioning System SDK for details.
  • Designing a DNS server infrastructure.
  • Designing DNS zones.
  • Configuring and managing DNS clients.
  • Securing the DNS infrastructure.
  • Integrating DNS with other Windows Server 2003 services.

See Service Providers Resources: DNS Technical Articles for articles on topics such as:

  • Primary and secondary DNS server configuration for service providers.
  • Troubleshooting DNS.
  • Managing DNS Server configuration and security.
  • DNS requirements for deploying Active Directory.

Before Deploying MPS

This section contains pointers to advanced MPS topics, which includes enhanced fault tolerance and load balancing, security enhancements, and MPS extensibility topics.

Acquire an in-depth understanding of MPS

Use advanced MPS features in your hosting environment

Implement custom provisioning actions

Add a new provisioning service to MPS

Manage the security of delegated MPS provisioning tasks