With Microsoft Provisioning System (MPS), you can integrate third-party or other existing provisioning applications to your Microsoft Solutions environment using MPS functionality. MPS facilitates this by providing the means of developing new providers that allow you to migrate existing applications on heterogeneous platforms to MPS. You can write custom providers in C# .NET while using the MPF Provider .NET Base Class to derive your new provider functionality. This class is provided in the Microsoft Provisioning System SDK and exposes the methods of a .NET-based provider, therefore enabling you to build a provider in the .NET Framework by inheriting from the Base class. In addition, you can write custom providers in C++ or Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0.

By creating providers to integrate your existing components into MPS, you can retire cumbersome scripted or manual methods of launching provisioning tasks. You can then take advantage of increased operational efficiency and reduction of total cost of ownership through automating transaction-based tasks with MPS.