The following table states each team role's responsibilities during the Change Initiation Review. Each row represents a role, and within it the responsibilities are organized by pre-work and Change Initiation Review contribution.

Table: Change Initiation Review Team Role Matrix

Team model role cluster Responsibilities

Review team (lead)


  • Review lessons that previous review team leads learned in past Change Initiation Review meetings.
  • Set scope, parameters, and agenda of review.
  • Communicate meeting details to team members.

Change Initiation Review

  • Facilitate the review.
  • Have knowledge and authority to make decisions regarding the change (and to authorize minor and standard changes).
  • Provide commitment to action items for functional area he or she represents.


Intellectual Property Protection

Network and System Security

Intrusion Detection

Virus Protection

Audit and Compliance Administration

Contingency Planning


  • Review changes in terms of security requirements, standards, and policies for affected infrastructure or service.

Change Initiation Review

  • Ensure that all required documentation relative to the security function is adequate.
  • Ensure that the change plans include alignment to the organization's security standards, policies, and procedures.


Change Management

Change/Systems Engineering

Configuration Management

Software Distribution/Licensing

Quality Assurance

MSF/Change Development Liaison


  • Review requests for change (RFCs) being considered in Change Initiation Review for compliance with release.
  • Ensure impact analysis is complete.

Change Initiation Review

  • Ensure that the RFC will be built according to the organization's standards, policies, and procedures. For example, in the case of migrating software components from development to operation, definitive software library migration security and standards need to be implemented.
  • Provide documentation on the planning for build, release, functionality, and configuration of the RFC.
  • Provide documentation on the RFC requirements for planning, support, and operations.
  • Apply lessons learned from previous changes in the Change Initiation Review for application to current RFCs under review.


Service Desk

Service Level Management


  • Ensure that the RFC complies with the standards, policies, and procedures for the service team areas of responsibility.

Change Initiation Review

  • Confirm that plans for the RFC include delivering the required service level for the affected service.
  • Ensure acceptance of the change for the Change Initiation Review from the business perspective.


Service Desk/Help Desk

Incident Management

Production/Product Support

Problem Management

Service Level Management


  • Review the support requirements of the submitted RFC for approval.

Change Initiation Review

  • Ensure acceptance of support plans for the RFC.
  • Ensure problem documents that are referenced in the RFC are available.
  • Ensure that standards and policies for supportability of the proposed solution are applied.


Enterprise Architecture

Infrastructure Engineering

Capacity Management

Cost/IT Budget Management

Resource and Long-Range Planning


  • Review RFCs for approval; confirm affected infrastructure components and required policies and standards.

Change Initiation Review

  • Provide evidence that the plans include strategic choices for the infrastructure components to be changed.
  • Provide evidence that plans stipulate that the RFC meet existing requirements of standards and policies for the infrastructure environment.
  • Ensure that exceptions arising in the Change Initiation Review follow the infrastructure-engineering process for exceptions.


Service Monitoring and Control

Directory Services Administration

Availability Management

Messaging Operations

Database Operations

Network Administration

Storage Management

Job Scheduling

Print/Output Management


  • Ensure that the RFCs to be reviewed allow for the operability of the changed solution.

Change Initiation Review

  • Ensure the overall plan for the RFC includes operability and plans for the affected service (such as capacity and administration). These plans must be in line with the policies and standards for operations.


Maintenance Vendors

Environment Support

Managed Services, Outsourcers, Trading Partners

Software and Hardware Suppliers


  • Review RFCs for approval in line with partner policies, procedures, and standards.

Change Initiation Review

  • Ensure that all required partner documentation, procedures, contacts, and escalation paths for the change are in the change plan.
  • Ensure that any external partners needed for the change are recognized and strategic, or that they fit within the realms of the exception policy.
  • Ensure the change plan assesses the need for additional partner resources to perform specific tasks.