This section describes the procedures for installing Windows Server 2003 clustering for your servers running Microsoft SQL Server.


  1. Prepare MPSSQL01 and MPSSQL02
  2. Join the Fabrikam Domain
  3. Enable Network DTC and Network COM+ Access

Prepare MPSSQL01 and MPSSQL02

Perform a default installation of Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise Edition. This requires that you first install Windows Server 2003 with SP2, and then install Windows Server 2003 R2.

Procedure W03-DWSPV.1: To install Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise Edition on MPSSQL01 and MPSSQL02

  1. Perform a default installation of Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition (with Service Pack 2 integrated), by using the CD boot method. Install the Support Tools from the Windows Server 2003 CD. Use appropriate naming conventions for your environment.

  2. After Setup for Windows Server 2003 with SP2 is complete, log on to the computer as an administrator. Insert Disc 2 into your CD-ROM drive. Setup for Disc 2 should start automatically. If it does not start automatically, browse to Disk 2 (or the shared folder that contains the Setup files) and, in the \Cmpnents\R2 folder, run Setup2.exe. Follow the instructions to upgrade to R2.

Prepare the Microsoft Provisioning System (MPS) Database server cluster nodes by enabling Remote Desktop, installing Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 with SP1, installing the Windows Server 2003 Support Tools, and installing the latest updates from

Procedure W03-DWSPV.2: To prepare MPSSQL01 and MPSSQL02

  1. Enable Remote Desktop by using Control Panel.

  2. Install the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 with SP1.

  3. Install Support Tools from the Support Tools directory on the Windows Server 2003 CD.

  4. Apply any released updates to Windows Server 2003 by using Windows Update

Join the Fabrikam Domain

After you have finished building and preparing the MPS Database server cluster nodes you need to add the servers to the Fabrikam domain.

Joining a new domain will require you to restart the server.

Procedure W03-DWSPV.3: To add the servers to the Fabrikam domain and log on as

  1. Configure the local network interface to use the IP Addresses of AD01 and AD02 as Preferred and Alternative DNS server.

  2. Join the server to the fabrikam domain.

  3. Log on to the domain as

Enable Network DTC and Network COM+ Access

The following procedure is required in order to enable network access for the Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator (MSDTC) service on the MPS servers running SQL Server and on the Provisioning Engine server.

Procedure W03-DWSPV.4: To enable Network DTC and Network COM+ Access on MPSSQL01 and MPSSQL02

  1. In Add or Remove Programs, click Add/Remove Windows Components.

  2. Configure Details for Application Server. The following components should be selected:

    • Enable network COM+ access
    • Enable network DTC access
You must enable Network DTC and COM+ Network Access on all cluster nodes before you go on to configure Windows Server 2003 Clustering. If you do not, the cluster DTC resource will not operate properly.