You might want to continue to use your existing provisioning services while also taking advantage of certain features of Microsoft Provisioning System (MPS). MPS allows you to do this by simply adding MPS functionality to your system without making any changes to your existing provisioning implementations. You can do this by making use of the MPS .NET Client Wrapper.

The MPS .NET Client Wrapper generates base XML requests that are sent to the MPF Client for initiating calls to the Provisioning Engine. The wrapper allows you to submit XML requests into MPS from your custom .NET provisioning application or ASP.NET Web Service. To enable this functionality, you simply write the code that calls the appropriate methods of the MPS .NET Client Wrapper. If you use the Web Service, you can take advantage of numerous preconfigured method calls and sample XML requests, without having to write code to call the wrapper.

When incorporating the functionality into your application to submit XML requests, you will also need to specify the namespaces and procedures that invoke the functionality of the underlying providers that will implement your provisioning tasks.