Table: Service Provisioning Benefits

Benefit Description

Improved process management

MPS manages multi-step provisioning processes without the need for a system administrator.

Task automation

By automating provisioning activities, you can lower your overall operations cost by eliminating repetitive manual tasks and reducing potential sources of errors in the service operations process. Automation also enables reallocation of development resources to revenue-generating projects such as deployment of new value-added services.

Delegated administration

MPS creates a framework for delegated administration of multi-tenant environments, allowing your customers to create and manage their own resources, like databases, e-mail, payment and contact information, and Web sites.

Time savings

System administrators can spend more time with new users or customers.

Lowered administrative burden

Server-to-administrator ratio for computers running Microsoft Windows Server is improved, resulting in lower administration costs.

Lower costs

Operational costs are lower due to fewer on-site visits.

Web-based interface

With MPS, a Web-based user interface can be accessed from any browser and provides you with a simple, out-of the-box tool for administration tasks.

For more information, see Get Started with Service Provisioning.