When you are finished designing your required Microsoft Provisioning System (MPS) configuration or when you have queued up all your reconfiguration changes using the MPS Deployment Tool, you can start the batch deployment by clicking the Start Deployment button underneath the Status Requirements pane.

The first time you run the MPS Deployment Tool, you must do so on the server that will be hosting the Provisioning Engine. Thereafter, you can run the tool from any remote location within your hosted services Active Directory domain.

Before the actual deployment process begins, the tool performs a last check for any scheduled actions for which you might not have provided required user input. If user input is required, you are prompted by an alert to right-click the component(s) in the Status Requirements pane that displays the User Input Needed icon so you can provide the required information.

When the actual deployment process begins, the active tab automatically switches to Install Details and the tool progressively works through the scheduled actions one at a time, in an order determined by the dependencies indicated in the MpsRequirements.xml file. As the deployment proceeds and the deployment tool engine processes various actions, the status icon for the currently processing component changes to the Action In Progress icon. In addition, the tool displays detailed information on the current operation in the Install Details log. After an action completes, the tool clears the icon for the scheduled action and the status is updated based on the results. The process then repeats for each queued action for each component and target server.

When the deployment is complete, the active tab automatically switches to Action History to allow you to review the results of each action and to view the details for events of interest.

When you deploy MPS using the MPS Deployment Tool, you might see errors referring to missing namespaces or procedures, such as the following:
Resolution of execute statements failed from a procedure=InitializeAllNamespacesSecurity namespace=Managed Hosting executing procedure=InitializeNamespaceSecurity namespace=Managed Exchange. Check Event Viewer for additional namespace load errorsThese errors are related to discontinued namespaces which have been replaced with new namespaces. The errors will only reoccur on MPS Startup and during installation, and they can be safely ignored.