If you initiate existing provisioning services from a custom application that calls some COM object or an executable file, you can continue to use this method. To submit requests into Microsoft Provisioning System (MPS), you simply configure your custom application to do the following:

  • Instantiate the MPF COM Client object.
  • Pass the appropriate input parameters and the XML request string.
  • Call the SubmitRequest method of the MPF client using Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 or VBScript.

The following Visual Basic code accomplishes these tasks:

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Set objMPFClient = CreateObject("Provisioning.ProvEngineClient") 
strResult = objMPFClient.SubmitRequest(strXML, strNameSpace, strProcedure) 

The following figure shows an example of calling MPS from a custom application using an XML request that incorporates the indicated code for calling the MPF COM Client.

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