You might find it useful to develop your own Microsoft Visual Basic scripts to perform configuration tasks, run queries, or administer various servers in your test or production Microsoft Provisioning System (MPS) environments. For example, you might want to do any of the following:

  • Verify whether a user migration to Active Directory was successful - You can write a script that performs a query that enumerates all user accounts and group memberships in a specified Active Directory domain.
  • Verify status of provisioned shares - You can write a script that you run periodically for maintenance purposes to query for the names and status of all shares on a specified server.
  • Verify free disk space - You might want to write a script that returns actual free disk space on specified servers running Microsoft SQL Server or on Web servers in your provisioning environment, so you can monitor the consumption of disk resources as you provision hosted data and Web services to customers.
  • Create XML requests - You can write a script that calls the methods of the XML Document Object Model (DOM) to create XML provisioning requests that you can send to MPS.

To perform tasks such as these, you will need to learn about scripting technologies such as Microsoft Windows Script Host (WSH), Active Directory Service Interfaces (ADSI), and Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI). With these technologies, you can create administrative scripts that perform a vast array of tasks including:

  • Managing users, groups, computers, and security in Active Directory
  • Administering Web servers, databases, DNS, and registries
  • Monitoring performance
  • Managing disks
  • Managing files, folders, and shares on any computer

For more information see:

  • Script Center on TechNet to download scripting resources and tools, in addition to sample scripts that perform tasks such as those indicated earlier.
  • Scripting on Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) to find additional Windows scripting resources, documentation, and downloads.