Operations Console

The Operations Console is the central management tool for Operations Manager 2007, with a consolidated interface that provides access to individual areas of Monitoring, Authoring, Reporting, My Workspace, and Administrative areas.

Monitoring Pane

The Monitoring pane in the Operations Console of Operations Manager 2007 enables users who track and resolve issues to find the monitoring data they need so that they can act on that data. The pane displays different aspects of monitoring data that is collected by Operations Manager 2007. Each item in the Monitoring pane is either a view type or a folder that contains views. The Find, Search, and Scope buttons on the Operations Console can make it easier for users to manage that data.

Authoring Pane

The Authoring pane in Operations Console allows a user to create new monitoring objects such monitors and rules, distributed applications, and groups. You can use the Authoring pane to make configuration changes to monitoring objects you create, but not to objects that are from sealed management packs. To change the settings of a management pack object from a sealed management pack you must use overrides.

Reporting Pane

Operations Manager 2007 integrates reporting capability into the Operations Console by adding a Reporting area that you can access from console navigation pane. The Reporting button in the navigation pane does not display unless reporting is installed.

Administration Pane

The Administration pane allows you to configure settings that apply to the whole management group. This includes agents, notifications, authorized users, and connections to other management groups and other management systems.

My Workspace Pane

The My Workspace pane allows you to save views and search queries that you have customized to your needs.

For more information, see Operations Console in Operations Manager 2007 in the Microsoft Download Center.