To connect your internal servers to your edge servers and configure the internal servers to route outbound traffic to the edge servers, you need to run the Configure Pool Wizard on each pool in your organization.


  1. Configure an External Web Farm FQDN
  2. Connect the Pool to the Edge Server

Configure an External Web Farm FQDN

When you created your Enterprise pool, you had the option to configure an external Web farm FQDN on the Web Farm FQDNs page in the Create Pool wizard. If you did not configure this URL when you ran this wizard, you need to manually configure this setting in WMI. For more information, see Appendix E: Manually Configuring the External Web Farm FQDN on Internal Standard Edition Servers or Pools in the document Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 Edge Server Deployment Guide for detailed information.

Connect the Pool to the Edge Server

Procedure W03-DWHO.45: To connect the pool to the Edge server

  1. Log on to OCSPOOLFE01 as Fabrikam\Administrator.

  2. Run Setup.exe from the Office Communications Server 2007 Enterprise Edition media to start the Office Communications Server 2007 deployment wizard. Select Deploy Pools in an Expanded Topology.

  3. Next to Step 3: Configure Pool, click Run.

  4. On the Server or Pool to Configure page, select

  5. At the Load Balancer Configuration Parameters screen, select the mode in which your load balancer is configured. If you are not using a load balancer, just select Load balancer is configured in SNAT (source network address translation) mode.

  6. At the SIP domains screen, ensure that is already present in the list of SIP domains.

  7. At the Client Logon Settings screen, select Clients will be manually configured for logon.

  8. At the External User Access Configuration screen, select Configure for external user access now.

  9. At the Routing External SIP Traffic page, select Route directly to and from internal pools and servers.

  10. At the Trusted Access Edge Servers and Web Conferencing Edge Servers page, enter the internal FQDN of the Edge server (for example,

  11. Under Specify the Access Edge Server that internal servers will use for outbound traffic, select

  12. At the Web Conferencing Edge Server page, configure as follows:

    • Internal FQDN:
    • External FQDN:
  13. At the Trusted A/V Edge Servers page, configure as follows:

    • FQDN:
    • Port: 5062
  14. At the A/V Edge Servers page, accept the default values ( port 5062).

  15. At the A/V Edge Servers Used by This Server or Pool page, accept the default values ( port 5062).

  16. When the wizard is complete, select View the log when you click Finish check box, and review the deployment log after installation completes to verify a successful Enterprise Pool configuration.