The Hosted Messaging and Collaboration Reporting services include the following components:

  • SQL Server Reporting Services
  • System Center Reporting, the reporting database in System Center Operations Manager
  • Performance Warehouse Database (PWDB40)
  • System Center Operations Manager OperationsManager Database
  • Data Usage Collection Services
  • Microsoft Provisioning System

The information used to generate the solution's reports comes from the PWDB40 and SystemCenterReporting databases. The following figure shows how information flows to these databases for use in creating standard reports.

Figure: Reporting services data flow process

System Center Reporting Database

Operations Manager 2007 includes a new reporting database as one of its key components, the SystemCenterReporting database. A scheduled task, SystemCenterDTSPackageTask, is installed as part of deploying Operations Manager 2007 Reporting. This scheduled task is responsible for moving data from the Operations Manager OperationsManager database to SystemCenterReporting for long-term storage.

Reporting Data Availability

Reporting data will not be immediately available once you have deployed Reporting services. It takes approximately two days after you deploy your monitoring and reporting infrastructure for information to be available for reports. This list shows the activities after your initial deployment before you can view reports:

  • Day 1 - Deploy monitoring and reporting servers and components.
  • Day 1 - Operations Manager begins to capture data.
  • Day 2 - Data is moved to PWDB40 and available for reporting.

After the initial two days, data is updated on approximately a 24-hour cycle. The time that is required for these processes to complete may vary by an hour or two depending on the speed of the servers and network communications in your environment.