Migratetocm.wsf enables you to move existing users, groups and their servers into the new infrastructure.

Before you run this script you should have your domain controllers in place. Before you proceed, make sure you have reviewed the prerequisites, which begin with installing the operating system and configuring your domain controllers. The MigrateToCM.wsf script makes use of MPS to facilitate the migration process so you must install the Service Provisioning module before running this script.

In the example that follows, the /Users parameter can be used to indicate which users should be assigned administrator and anonymous roles. Mark the administrator user with * to add it to the Administrators group of the migrated organization, and the anonymous user with +. For example,

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Example usage:
cscript.exe MigrateToCM.wsf:
/Users: name,[name]:
/TargetDomain: netBIOSDomainName:
/WebRoot: Path to Web Folder:
/SourceServer: netBIOS name or FQDN:
/OUName: Target AD OU:
/NOPWDLOG: do not create a password log:
/NOCHECK: do not verify domain membership of SourceServer

The script creates a PWD.LOG file in the folder in which the script resides. The script creates a new password for each user; this file contains the LDAP paths and passwords of all users created. To disable the logging of the passwords, use the /NOPWDLOG switch. Note that you use this log file to discover the password set by the script when the user is created; without the log file, the administrator must reset the password manually before a user can log on.

Procedure CM.3: To use Migratetocm.wsf to import existing users and computers into the Centralized Management platform

  1. Log on to a domain controller using an account with administrator privileges, and then copy the MigrateToCm.wsf script from the solution CD into a local directory.

  2. At a command prompt, from the local directory in step 1 type cscript.exe MigrateToCM.wsf and use the help provided with the script.