The Sample Provisioning SignUp UI is used in this walkthrough to demonstrate an unauthenticated signup scenario. Special considerations need to be made when enabling unauthenticated signup. For example, you will want to ensure that your site is protected from an automated Denial of Service Attack by implementing user image recognition, credit card validation or a similar mechanism.

The sample provisioning SignUp UI for the hosted platform is not a supported Microsoft application. However, Microsoft will make a commercially reasonable effort to provide assistance if you need technical help installing and configuring the application.


  1. Deploy the Sample Provisioning SignUp UI
  2. Configure the Sample Provisioning SignUp UI
  3. Configure the HostedSignUp Web Service
  4. Initialize the Hosted SignUp Namespace

Deploy the Sample Provisioning SignUp UI

In this procedure you install the sample provisioning SignUp UI on PROV01 by running SampleProvisioningSignUpUI.msi.

Procedure RUN.8: To deploy the sample provisioning SignUp UI

  1. On PROV01, navigate to the <Solution Media>\Samples\Provisioning\SampleProvisioningUI folder and run SampleProvisioningSignUpUI.msi.

  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to perform a Complete installation of the Sample Provisioning SignUp UI.

Configure the Sample Provisioning SignUp UI

In this procedure you will edit the Web.Config file.

Procedure RUN.9: To configure the Sample Provisioning UI

  1. On PROV01, navigate to the C:\Program Files\SampleProvisioningSignUpUI folder.

  2. Open the web.config file for editing and modify the following properties as appropriate.

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    		<!-- The default naming context of the domain -->
    	<add key="DefaultNamingContext" value="DC=fabrikam,DC=com"/>
    	<!-- Name of the hosting ou that resides in the root of AD -->
    	<add key="HostingOU" value="OU=Hosting"/>
    	<!-- The preferred domain controller -->
    	<add key="PreferredDC" value=""/>
    	<add key="MPSSampleWebUI.WebServiceProxy.HostedSignup.Service" value="http://localhost/mpsws/hostedsignup/service.asmx"/>
    	<!-- Parent Reseller Org path for Consumer and Business orgs-->
    	<add key="ConsumerBusinessSignupContainer" value="LDAP://OU=ConsolidatedMessenger,OU=Hosting,DC=fabrikam,DC=com"/>
    	<!-- Parent Business Org path for  Consumer User -->
    	<add key="DefaultConsumerOrganization" value="LDAP://OU=LitwareInc,OU=ConsolidatedMessenger,OU=Hosting,DC=fabrikam,DC=com"/>
    	<!-- SampleProvisioningUI Login Page URL-->
    	<add key="LoginPageUrl" value="http://localhost/SampleProvisioningUI/Login.aspx"/>

Configure the HostedSignUP Web Service

In this procedure you will configure the HostedSignUp Web Service for Anonymous Access, then configure an IP address access restriction to ensure that only the server running the Sample Provisioning SignUp UI is able to submit requests.

Procedure RUN.10: To configure the HostedSignUP Web Service

  1. On PROV01, open the Internet Information Services Manager.

  2. Expand Default Web Site, and then expand MPSWS.

  3. Right-click HostedSignUP, and then select Properties.

  4. On the Directory Security tab, under Authentication and access control, select Edit.

  5. Select the Enable anonymous access check box to enable Anonymous access for this directory.

  6. Click OK to return to the Directory Security tab.

  7. Under IP address and domain name restrictions, select Edit.

  8. In the IP address access restrictions dialog box, select Denied access, and then click Add.

  9. In the Grant Access dialog box, select Single Computer, and then type or the IP address of server that the Sample SignUP UI was installed on.

Initialize the Hosted SignUp Namespace

In this procedure you will log on to the Provisioning Engine server MPS01 to initialize the Hosted SignUP namespace using Provtest.exe.

Procedure RUN.11: To initialize the Hosted SignUp namespace

  1. On MPS01, edit <installdir>:\Program Files\Microsoft Hosting\Provisioning\Samples\Hosted SignUP\Initialize.xml

  2. Edit the <preferredDomainController> element to match the name of the preferred Active Directory domain controller; for example:

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  3. Save the edited file.

  4. From a command prompt, change to the <installdir>:\Program Files\Microsoft Hosting\Provisioning\Samples\Hosted SignUP directory and run the following command:

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    provtest Initialize.xml /x2