The Exchange 2007 SP1 Offline Address Book (OAB) Web Distribution server is a Client Access Server role with additional configuration.

In this topic, you will deploy the Exchange 2007 SP1 OAB Web Distribution server (EXCASOAB01).


  1. Prepare the OAB Web Distribution Server (EXCASOAB01)
  2. Install IIS and ASP.NET
  3. Install Windows PowerShell
  4. Install the Client Access Server Role

Prepare the OAB Web Distribution Server (EXCASOAB01)

Procedure W08-DWHE.10: To prepare the OAB Web Distribution Server (EXCASOAB01)

  1. Install Windows Server 2008 (x64) on EXCASOAB01.

  2. Enable Remote Desktop.

  3. Join the Fabrikam domain.

  4. Disable Windows Firewall.

Install IIS and ASP.NET

Procedure W08-DWHE.11: To install IIS and ASP.NET

  1. On EXCASOAB01, open the Server Manager console.

  2. Add the Web Server (IIS) role. Add the features required for Web Server (Windows Process Activation Service) when prompted.

  3. In addition to the default web server roles, select additional services according to the following table:

    Common HTTP Features

    Application Development

    Health and Diagnostics



    Management Tools

    • Static Content
    • Default Document
    • Directory Browsing
    • HTTP Errors
    • HTTP Redirection
    • ASP.NET
      Add features required for ASP.NET when prompted.
    • HTTP Logging
    • Logging Tools
    • Request Monitor
    • Tracing
    • Basic Authentication
    • Windows Authentication
    • Digest Authentication
    • Client Certificate Mapping Authentication
    • URL Authorization
    • Request Filtering
    • IP and Domain Restrictions
    • Static Content Compression
    • Dynamic Content Compression
    • IIS 6 Management Compatibility
  4. Confirm your selections and start the installation.

Install Windows PowerShell

Procedure W08-DWHE.12: To install Windows PowerShell

  1. On EXCASOAB01, open the Server Manager console.

  2. Add the Windows PowerShell feature. Follow the prompts to complete the installation.

Install the Client Access Server Role

Procedure W08-DWHE.13: To install the Client Access server role

  1. Log on to EXCASOAB01 as Fabrikam\Administrator.

  2. Using the Exchange 2007 SP1 installation media, run Exchange 2007 SP1 setup from the command line specifying the Client Access Server role:

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    Setup /mode:install /roles:CA